Smart-charging and remote battery management for stationary UPS batteries.

A Battery Management System (BMS) is typically used to manage and monitor the health of batteries, especially in applications like electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). BMS systems are used to optimize battery performance, enhance safety, and prolong battery life.

APC offers a range of BMS to meet different needs, including:

A BMS often includes a current sensor as one of its components. The current sensor plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing the flow of electric current into and out of a battery pack
The "Battery Manager Sensor-2000" may be a proprietary sensor or component developed by APC for use in their UPS systems.
BMS as part of their UPS solutions. A BMS in the context of APC typically refers to a comprehensive system or set of features designed to monitor and manage the batteries used in their UPS units.
APC Battery Management System Expansion Module" is likely an additional module or accessory that can be added to certain APC UPS units to expand the functionality of the UPS's BMS
The "Battery Manager Main Module" in the context of APC (American Power Conversion) typically refers to a central or primary module that is part of a BMS) designed by APC for use in their UPS systems
An "APC Battery Manager Expansion" typically refers to an expansion module or accessory designed to enhance the capabilities of a BMS in an APC UPS or power protection system.
The "Battery Management Harness - 25ft" in the context of APC typically refers to a cable or harness designed to connect the battery or battery packs in an UPS system to the BMS.
The "Battery Management Harness - 50ft" in the context of APC likely refers to a specific cable or wiring harness designed for use with BMS in APC UPS.
The "Battery Management Harness - 100ft" from APC (American Power Conversion) is a specialized wiring harness or cable designed for use with BMS in APC UPS.