Static Stabilizers

Stay Powered, Stay Protected

Static voltage stabilizers provide a reliable power supply for high-end electronics, especially in situations where stable power is required. Incorporated into these static voltage regulators is Zigma's unique pulse-width-modulation technology.

To achieve precisely regulated 230V AC output on a real-time basis, the high frequency insulated gate bi-polar transistor (IGBT) driven converter measures the incoming AC power against the nominal voltage and adds or subtracts voltage 20,000 times per second

The PMW technology-based static voltage stabilizer provides trouble-free operation of your electronic equipment over a wide range of AC input voltages. No matter what type of load they are facing, resistive, inductive, or regenerative, they can handle it with equal ease. A continuous power supply to the load is ensured due to no switching of taps or other interruptions in the power path, regardless of input voltage variations.

Our industrial experience enables us to understand our clients' needs in a better manner, resulting in a precision engineered static stabilizer range. We at Zigma are known for Supplier high-quality and high-performance static stabilizers in Industry.

1. SVR maintains Uniform Conditioned Power.
2. Free from Surge-Spike-Brown-Outs.
3. Real-Time Precisely Regulated Voltage i.e. ± 1%.
4. Very Fast Correction Time within 20ms i.e. One Cycle.
5. Solid State Technology, No Moving Parts.


The static voltage Stabilizers serve as an ideal solution for situations where stable power is mandatory, especially for high end electronics. These static voltage regulators incorporate FARMAX unique pulse-width-modulation technology.

Isolation Transformer

Power Protection with Unwavering Isolation

Zigma Isolation transformers ensure complete isolation from the AC mains, reducing transients and spikes. It also removes EMI / RFI noise. A symmetrical winding with an electrostatic shield protects critical loads in IT / Telecom, Medical Systems, Engineering, etc.
Zigma is the most preferred Supplier of isolation transformers in Bangalore. To meet customers' needs and expectations, we offer innovative and quality products that are up-to-date with the latest technologies.

1. Protection from Noise.
2. Neutral Isolation.
3. High attenuation level.
4. Low coupling capacitance.
5. High Induction