DPA 250 S4 IEC 400V

DPA 250 S4 is a type of circuit breaker manufactured by ABB. The breaker is designed to work with electrical systems that have a voltage rating of 400V and meets the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

The “DPA” in the name stands for “Digital Process Automation”, which indicates that this breaker has advanced digital features that allow for more precise and efficient control of the electrical system.

The “250” in the name refers to the amperage rating of the circuit breaker, which means that it can handle a maximum current of 250 amps before tripping.

The “S4” in the name refers to the size of the circuit breaker, which is a standard size in ABB’s product line. It is a compact design, making it suitable for use in small spaces or installations where space is limited.

DPA 250 S4 IEC400V