DPA 60 UL 208V


The DPA 60 UL 208V is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufactured by ABB. It is designed to provide reliable and efficient power protection for critical systems and applications in small to medium-sized data centers, industrial facilities, and other mission-critical environments.

Some of the key features of the DPA 60 UL 208V include:

Modular design: The UPS is based on a modular design, which allows for easy scalability and maintenance, as well as high availability and efficiency.

High efficiency: The UPS is designed for maximum efficiency, with an efficiency rating of up to 96% in double conversion mode.

Flexible configuration: The UPS can be configured with a variety of power modules and battery options, depending on the specific power requirements of the application.

Advanced monitoring and management: The UPS includes advanced monitoring and management capabilities, including remote monitoring and control, that allow for easy management of power systems.

Robust protection: The UPS provides robust protection against power surges, sags, and other power disturbances that can damage critical equipment.

DPA 60 UL 208V