DPA UPScale ST S2 IEC 400V

The DPA UPScale ST S2 IEC 400V is a high-performance uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufactured by ABB. This UPS is designed to provide reliable and efficient power protection for critical systems and applications in a variety of industries, including data centers, industrial facilities, and telecommunications networks.

Some of the key features of the DPA UPScale ST S2 IEC 400V include:

Scalable design: The UPS can be easily scaled to meet changing power requirements, allowing for easy expansion as power needs grow.

High efficiency: The UPS is designed for maximum efficiency, with an efficiency rating of up to 97.3% in double conversion mode.

  • Advanced monitoring and management: The UPS includes advanced monitoring and management capabilities, including remote monitoring and control, that allow for easy management of power systems.

  • Flexible battery options: The UPS can be configured with a variety of battery options, including lithium-ion batteries, to meet specific power requirements.

  • Robust protection: The UPS provides robust protection against power surges, sags, and other power disturbances that can damage critical equipment.

DPA UPScale ST S2 IEC 400V