Eaton UPS

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Eaton UPS  is a type of power protection equipment that provides backup power to critical electronic devices during power outages, brownouts, or other power disturbances. Eaton is a company that produces a wide range of UPS products, including:

  1. Standby UPS: A basic type of UPS that switches to battery power when the input voltage falls below a certain threshold.

  2. Line-interactive UPS: An UPS that includes a voltage regulator to correct for under- or over-voltage conditions before switching to battery power.

  3. Online double-conversion UPS: An UPS that provides a continuous flow of power from the battery to the device, eliminating any fluctuations or spikes in the power supply.

Eaton UPS products are used in various industries, such as healthcare, banking, finance, government, and information technology. They are designed to protect critical equipment from power problems, which can cause data loss, equipment damage, or system downtime. Eaton UPS devices are known for their high reliability, efficiency, and durability, and they are available in a wide range of capacities to suit different power requirements.


The Eaton 3S UPS provides up to 30 minutes of high efficiency and energy-saving battery backup and surge protection for your home and office equipment.
The Eaton 5P UPS is an enterprise-class backup power solution available as a tower UPS, wall mount UPS, and rackmount UPS.
The 5PX G2 UPS has power ratings ranging from 1 to 3 kVA, with low and high voltage options and offers up to four optional external battery modules for extra runtime.
Eaton 5PX UPS features the connection of up to four extended battery modules for maximum runtime and premium backup of your professional and enterprise-grade servers, storage and networking equipment.
The 5S displays critical UPS information on battery time and outage tracking through an available, user-friendly LCD interface. This desktop UPS also provides surge protection for your network data line and coax cable connection.
The Eaton 5SC pure sine wave UPS provides high-quality output voltage for wider compatibility with today’s active power factor corrected (PFC) power supplies in sensitive IT equipment.
The Eaton 9155 Marine UPS is DNV-GL type approved, BV type approved, and ABS design assessed (up to 15 kVA). With its compact design and internal batteries, the Eaton 9155 Marine UPS is ideally suited to applications requiring high power density and a small footprint.
The Eaton 9155 UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a high-performance, double-conversion online UPS system designed for protecting critical equipment from power outages, voltage fluctuations, and other power disturbances.
The Eaton 9355 UPS provides continuous, high-quality power to connected devices, with a wide input voltage range and output power factor of 0.9. It is available in power ratings ranging from 10 kVA to 30 kVA, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Eaton 9395 UPS family The Eaton 9395 UPS family (consisting of the Eaton 9395XC, Power Xpert 9395P High Performance UPS and the Power Xpert 9395 UPS) is an industry-leading solution that delivers efficiency and scalable battery runtimes in a small footprint.
The Eaton 93PM UPS is the perfect three-phase white or gray space solution for modern data centers. The 93PM is compatible with lithium-ion UPS batteries, which are 40 percent smaller than VRLA batteries and have twice the lifespan.
Eaton 9PHD Marine UPS is a reliable and efficient, state of the art UPS solution that can be configured for a range of marine & offshore applications. It brings the benefits of modern, modular, IGBT based UPS technology to the shipborne environment.
The Eaton 9PX is a proven, best-in-class online double-conversion rackmount/tower UPS. The 9PX UPS features ABM technology, which extends battery service life up to 50 percent, and offers flexibility in battery types with nine models offering lithium-ion batteries.
The Eaton 9PXM UPS is a scalable, modular UPS that combines the highest levels of reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership. Eaton’s 9PXM enables you to build a mission critical power solution specific to your needs. It allows you to add capacity and increase runtime.
The Eaton 9SX Marine UPS is a high-performance UPS system specifically designed for use in marine environments. It provides reliable and efficient power protection to critical equipment on ships and offshore platforms, protecting against power outages, voltage fluctuations.
With robust online double-conversion power protection, zero transfer time to battery, continuous filtering of power, and an internal, automatic static bypass, the Eaton 9SX tower UPS consistently delivers reliable performance.
The Eaton BladeUPS is a three-phase, scalable and modular UPS for high density computing environments, including virtualized or machine learning IT applications. The BladeUPS delivers 12 kW of efficient, reliable power in only 6U of rack space, including batteries.
The Eaton DIN rail industrial UPS is designed to deliver reliable power and battery backup to industrial environments. This UPS can withstand the demanding conditions of warehouses, plants, and automated manufacturing and fabrication facilities.
The Eaton Emergency Lighting UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a specialized UPS system designed to provide backup power to emergency lighting systems in the event of a power outage.
Combining a reliable and customizable design with a remote-control display screen featuring a LED bar, the Eaton Ferrups FX UPS provides rugged, IIoT-ready protection for your industrial power infrastructure.
The Tripp Lite series SmartPro UPS provides reliable power protection and battery backup for IT equipment. Available in a 2U rack/tower format, this line-interactive UPS delivers the most watts possible for efficient support of servers, VoIP phones and audio/video systems.