PowerLine DPA IEC 400V

The PowerLine DPA IEC 400V ABB is a series of high-performance modular UPS systems designed to provide reliable power protection for critical applications in various industries. The system is manufactured by ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies.

The PowerLine DPA IEC 400V ABB UPS systems are designed to deliver clean, stable power to sensitive equipment, such as servers, data centers, and other critical loads. They are highly configurable and can be easily scaled to meet the specific needs of any application.

The system is also highly reliable and features hot-swappable modules that can be easily replaced without interrupting power to the load.

The PowerLine DPA IEC 400V ABB UPS systems use advanced digital signal processing technology to deliver high efficiency and low harmonic distortion.

They also feature a high input power factor, which reduces the amount of energy wasted as heat and increases overall system efficiency. The UPS system is also highly flexible, with multiple output voltage options and the ability to connect multiple units in parallel for increased capacity and redundancy.

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