PowerValue 11 T G2 IN 230V

The PowerValue 11 T G2 IN 230V UPS is a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) made by ABB, a global technology leader in electrification products, robotics, and industrial automation.

This UPS is designed to provide reliable power protection for various types of equipment, such as servers, switches, routers, storage devices, and other critical loads. It has a power capacity of 6-20 kVA and is compatible with single-phase and three-phase input/output configurations.

Some of the key features of the PowerValue 11 T G2 IN 230V UPS include:

• Double-conversion online topology for high-quality power output.

• Wide input voltage range to accommodate different power sources

• Automatic bypass function for seamless transfer to mains power in case of overload or fault

• User-friendly interface with LCD display and control buttons

• Advanced battery management system for longer battery life and reliable backup power Remote monitoring and management capabilities via web browser or SNMP protocol.

PowerValue 11/31 T IN 230V