Solar Modules

Kirloskar Solar offers a range of solar modules that are designed to deliver reliable and efficient solar energy solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Some of the key features of Kirloskar Solar’s solar modules include:

  1. Aesthetic Design: Kirloskar Solar’s solar modules are designed to look aesthetically pleasing and can blend in seamlessly with the roof or the surroundings.

  2. Easy Installation: The solar modules are easy to install, and the company provides installation services to ensure that the solar system is installed correctly and performs optimally.

  3. Positive Power Tolerance: The solar modules come with positive power tolerance, ensuring that the power output is always as advertised or even higher.

  4. High Efficiency: High power module using Polycrystalline, Mono Perc Solar Cells with High Conversion Efficiency

  5. Transmissivity: High-Transmissivity, Tempered glass for enhanced stiffness and Impact resistance.

  6. Strong Warranties and After-Sales Support: Kirloskar Solar’s solar modules are backed by strong warranties and after-sales support, ensuring customers receive the best value for their investment.